Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Booker long list

is up and it's all (or damn near all) long shots. Love it.
It wasn't my kind of thing, but Child 44 may usher in a welcome trend for an occasional thriller to get some literary love.
Okay it'll never happen, but it should.

It says here it's Michelle de Kretser's year, although I never get these things right.

Winner is announced Oct 14, but John Sutherland wonders what all the fuss is about.
"What the long list did, commercially, was to create a ready-made window display for the bookshops and lay down a reading list between now and October for the country's reading groups, who will now be on their mettle to match their wits against Portillo's quintet. In short, the longlist is good for business. It boils the kettle."

Apparently Mr. Sutherland and I differ greatly on what a boiled kettle looks like.
More lists please, at least until I can get by on 700 calories a day.

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