Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Okay, everybody take a valium

can everyone just get over the The Cover already?

I don't view it as offensive, but it is pointless and beneath the New Yorker. They've done pointedly political covers before to little comment so what's different here.

I would argue it's the primacy of blogs, late night TV and shout radio where "news" is presented as shtick or outrage and unfettered by fact checkers.

This is where rumors, innuendo and half truths get their air and water, hence the "Politics of Fear" is born.

A bit more disquieting (for some) is the realization that Barack Obama in tacking just a bit toward the centre risks his base. Secondly, he is a bit untested relative to McCain. I'm fine with all of this, but it does make reading Ethan Canin's new novel a bit more necessary.

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