Monday, July 07, 2008

You're so cool

My man David Gilmour gets a (mostly) positive review in the New York Times.

I have an almost unhealthy fear of seeing his stuff get reviewed, and I've had it for years.
His early work was not for everyone I suppose, but it's desert island stuff for me.
Later on, he kind of rubbed some people the wrong way and in the lily pad that is Canadian writing, it's inevitable that someone he crossed did a hatchet job in print.
Well the hell with them, he's on a hell of a roll now and I'm in full agreement with this sentiment:

"If his style sometimes irked me, he has my admiration as a father for making his son, not himself, the very winning hero of this story. Not only did I find Jesse smart and funny, but more than once I was moved to tears by his battle to find his place. At the end of the book, Gilmour, helpless with love for his son, watches him onstage performing, and recalls a line from “True Romance,” a movie they’d both loved: “You’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool!”
Not only as a reader but as a father, too, I know how he feels."


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Anonymous said...

I know! I heald my breath as I usually do at the start of a Gilmour review and plunged in!

That ending was home for me.


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