Thursday, November 06, 2008

The view from here

Some of America's finest novelists wave goodbye to George W. Bush.

From Tobias Wolff:

"There was simply no good argument to be made for his election, and every good argument to be made against his re-election. What did he have to offer, after all, beyond nostalgia? The bribe of lower taxes, already proven to be a sham for all but the richest few, and the continued sacrifice of our young people and our dwindling resources in a deceptively-undertaken and stupidly-executed war. By no reasonable standard could my fellow Americans, most of them anyway, see him as representing their interests. But they voted for him anyway. Why? Because Jesus is his 'favourite philosopher'. Because they felt more comfortable with him than with either of the serious, substantial men who opposed him. Because they'd rather have a beer with him!
As the old saying has it, the turkeys voted for Thanksgiving."

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