Friday, January 23, 2009

Everything's bigger in Texas

Great day earlier this week, reacquainting myself with Joe Lansdale, a Texas crime writer I loved back in the mid-90's and kind of forgot about.

I remember loving the Bottoms, his Edgar-award winning novel and now Black Lizard is bringing back the first couple Hap and Leonard novels.

The lads are as longtime friends in their forties, and recuperating from their last misadventure when Leonard's uncle passes away, leaving him a hefty inheritance, a rundown house and a host of loose ends; chiefly the body of a child buried under the floorboards of Chester's home.

Lansdale comes out of the James Cain/Donald Westlake school of noir and he's great squeamish fun. Savage Season is out now and other Hap/Leonard novels are due in May.

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