Thursday, January 08, 2009

Not spring, but a spring in my step

The NY Times approves of Charlie Huston's new novel, likely the most fun I've had last year was his Joe Pitt series.

Bookforum was something else that I came to way too late, but I feel smarter just having them in my house. The quality and reach of their reviews, the smart coverage of the university presses and their marriage of quirkiness and erudition makes for a great time with every issue of their bi-monthly publication.
With print newspapers chopping their space for book reviews, it's nice to know that all is not lost.
Anyway, chalk up another positive review for the early contender of "must have" novel for Jayne Anne Phillips.

And maybe things aren't so bleak after all.
And he's right about the overly praised Batman thingy, too.

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