Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Book Expo canceled

Great, now where will booksellers go to uh, to well gather in one spot and..
I'm not sure what exactly.
I've been on both sides of the bookselling aisle, and it was common when used/rare booksellers got together in a room, the only constant was how cheap, uninformed and tactless the general populace was. At the tale end of my time, the internet came along and suddenly nothing was scarce and everything changed. I don't miss it.
New booksellers getting together is a bit more adult and the seminars and industry pow wows at the last few Book Expos were informative and necessary.
Having said that, I never felt an urgent need to be in Toronto for three days unless actual orders were being placed.
Shuffling around a huge space collecting proof copies wasn't fun; after a half hour it was redundant, and while it was nice to see friends and colleagues one doesn't see too often, I wondered why some booksellers came from three provinces away.
So while it's unfortunate the annual fĂȘte isn't on any longer, one of our stars just got back from the Winter Institute in Utah and it seem the Americans know how to put on a show.
Some real nuts and bolts stuff that addresses a host of industry concerns seems like something to emulate up here.

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