Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This book smells faintly of barbecue sauce

The Guardian wonders how to "re-masculate" reading.

' Thanks to the endurance of the stereotype that reading is for girls, is it too late to persuade those in possession of Y chromosomes that enjoying a book (or two or three simultaneously) is a perfectly masculine activity? It doesn't help, of course, that so many books are clad in covers which are bright pink or otherwise offensively girly. I don't want to read them on the bus, so I can only imagine that men must be even more discouraged.'

The problem isn't that too many book covers are pink, the problem is that there isn't a male Oprah or even a subtle male stalking horse out there to begin with.
I'm not sure how to make that happen, but perhaps there's an olfactory marketing ploy waiting to be born.

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