Friday, April 17, 2009

Too big to fail, but not too big to suck

After Amazon's censorship freakout/innocent mistake/whatever there are some wondering if big lumbering giants are bad for the neighbourhood.

"Even if you buy Amazon's thin explanation for how it errantly miscatalogued all those books, the episode leaves behind some significant concerns.The concentration of information in such large, trusted sites doesn't just threaten to throttle the flow of commerce when ham-fists go awry, but also the representation of what, well, exists. These private companies are becoming vital to the public sphere, so when something is amiss, and massive protests ensue, it's not just angry authors venting. Amazon really has become too big to fail.

Apparently is you're a large enough company the distance between being too big to be trusted with "what, well, exists" to being too big to fail is a single sentence.

As with most things, the final word should probably go to Richard Nash.

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