Thursday, April 02, 2009

The difference between an epiphany and the whole of your office not talking to you is...

Jeez Random House, I love you and everything; and some of my very favourite people work for you, but fer Chrissake how did you ever let this get as far as it did?

From Moby Lives:

"Crown president and publisher Jenny Frost admitted she had “come to her senses” after being “virtually shunned” by “just about everybody in Random House.”
“I have to admit, I was charged about publishing a president, even this one,” she said. “Some friends cornered me one day and said, ‘This guy had to steal two elections to get air time, and you’re paying him millions to stay in the limelight?’ But I didn’t listen. I was just thinking about taking him to Michael’s for lunch.”
So what changed Frost’s mind? “Well, I was walking down the hall in Random House one day, and no one would make eye contact with me, and then I ran into my boss Markus Dohle, and he said, ‘Look, I like to make money as much as the next guy, but you know, the entire world’ — he has that cute accent, it came out ‘the entire vorld‘ — ‘the entire world thinks of this guy as a murderer. After all, he is responsible for the deaths of not only thousands of soldiers, but hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.’ And I thought, well, jeez, he’s right.”

That would be George W, and the original advance for his book was $7 million.

So now they can piss that money away on....?

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