Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Britain

I'm not sure about this effort to prop up the British thriller vs "the reign of the production-line American thriller writers."

For openers, I didn't know the British thriller was in danger of being swamped, but it seems every time someone brings a flag into debates like this, they end up looking silly.
Yes, the American juggernauts of Patterson, Grisham etc. are formulaic, but surely the spokesperson isn't serious when he suggests..

"We feel the genre has been quite neglected in the last seven to eight years ... There haven't been any new writers coming through. It might be because there aren't any very good writers, or maybe it's because publishers and booksellers have been neglecting it..."

There haven't been any new thriller writers coming through?
Rather than post an outraged reply made up entirely of links I'll let the audacity of that statement collapse on its own, or perhaps the term "thriller" needs some urgent redefinition.

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