Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Few New Arrangements

Hello all. Please feel free to send along your blogs and websites, if you are a viewer of our blog, and we'll add them to our links list. Let's network!

Also, regard our lighter blog makeover (see: just changing the template) *OOH AH*

And finally, I hope leaving comments is a little easier as they are no longer moderated. But let's keep the language to a minimum guys and dolls.



Deborah said...
Marc Fitten Indie 100 -- a blog described as a " look at 100 independent bookstores across America" -- if you don't know of it already, of possible interest!
Deborah Black

Bob Jonkman said...

Hi Mandy, Dave: Here is a blog post you might find interesting. I'd love to read your comments on it, and any relevance it may have to Wordsworth. Death of the Independent Bookstore

Also, what does it take to get an author into Wordsworth for a reading, signing, &c? Somewhat local[*] author Paul Chafe has just released a new book, and seems to be making the rounds as it launches:

Of course, Paul may not be home right now....


[*]Somewhat Local == between Hamilton and Waterloo

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