Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Local Challenge!!

From The Waterloo Chronicle:

"By July 4, naturopathic doctors Michael Torreiter and Rachel Vanden Berg hope to have 100 people on board ready to eat 100 per cent locally produced food for 100 days.
They’re calling it the 100-mile challenge — an idea spawned by the bestselling book, the 100-mile diet.
“A lot of people have read the book and there has been so much work done in this area with local foods that concept isn’t new to them,” Torreiter said. “It’s been a really easy sell.”
The idea is to gain a better understanding of where your food comes from, support local food producers and spare the environmental damage of so-called “food miles” from items shipped around the world.
So, everything on the menu must have been grown or raised in a 100-mile radius of Kitchener-Waterloo. That area extends up to Owen Sound, down past Sarnia and Windsor and back up through the golden horseshoe.
“This is actually a really good area to do this,” said Vanden Berg. “We can get lots of meats and vegetables. We’ve got Niagara, so we’ve got lots of fruits. We’ve even got lots of wines. There’s also local fish we found recently. I think all of our basic needs can be met right here.”"

For more information on the 100-mile challenge or to sign up, see the Healing Path Centre’s website at or call 519-578-7000.

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