Friday, May 08, 2009

Things I Love Today

I love coming into work and seeing that Dave has left another blog post, overnight like an elf; "photogenic brainy kids"--the charm!
I also loved coming into work today and seeing that Skin Deep and Eye of the Crow are both now available in paperback. To wit:
Skin Deep by E.M. Crane (love it when lady auteurs adopt initials...yes, I just googled (eugooglied, heretofore named) and I couldn't find what E.M. stands for. Find out and I'll give you something free) has a quiet beauty that you could hide in. Just regard the gorgeous cover.
Andrea Anderson is a self-proclaimed "nothing" in life. Disconnected from her mother, she has a completely absent inner life. She floats through life and watches; nothing sticks to her. Until she enters the lives of Honora, the crazy lad who lives in the house on the hill, and her 200 pound Saint Bernard, Zena. Initially doggysitting Zena while Honora is in the hospital, once Honora begins a quick decline from cancer, Andrea stays to help as her "assistant". Andrea's paid duties include learning herbalism and pottery making. Andrea's inner life begins a very slow, satisfying bloom as she actualizes what was in her all along. Absolutely lovely and beautiful.

Eye of the Crow by Shane Peacock (canadian author) is also now is paperback. It is the first in Peacock's Boy Sherlock Holmes series which sets 13 year old Holmes in London, solving his first case. I want to interject and mention that the setting of 1860's London in this book is so fully realized, with great references to the authors and details of the time that I was totally captivated. A great amount of research has gone into this book, great for smart readers, without dragging it down in any way. Peacock also has an incredible sense of Holmes as a character. I strongly recommend this book.

And finally, check out the blank journal I ordered a week ago, that arrived today (we have 2 in stock). We have notecards too!:


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