Thursday, May 28, 2009

What? (Really, I couldn't come up with anything better)

Claudia Dey is a neat woman. I know her from her play The Gwendolyn Poems, written about the life and times of underappreciated Canadian poet Gwendolyn MacEwen.
Possibly because of our mutual Gwen interest, but probably due to projection, I think that Claudia and I might be BFF's under different circumstances.

Her writing has so much personality and care put into it. She is quirky and sweet and has an incredible eye for detail and nuance. In appearance she has this airy quality that is like Piper from How I Live Now, all grown up. Regard her bio-sketch for her relationship column at the Globe & Mail:

"When she was born, Ms. Dey was declared a soothsayer and a bartendress of the soul. Much of her childhood was spent keeping other people's secrets and when in need, building them life rafts out of advice. Older now, she aspires to be a northern Ann Landers — sans pearls, avec cigar"

Hold up, Yo! "Relationship column"? Actually, "Life Advice" column. What an awesome thought. She offers up practical, cool-headed and compassionate advice for anyone in a troubling relationship, be it with a husband, a mother-in-law, or a boss. AND, she quotes the Clash and Hamlet? I don't know how long this has been going on but her column has just become my favourite thing about Thursdays.

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