Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Color of Water

Oh Ehwa, you are so snarky and pining at times, and still a great character!
The Color of Water just came in, sequel to The Color of Earth, and my to-be-reading pile was brushed to the side as I simply ate this book up.

In Color of Earth, Ehwa was left with a massive crush on two boys, the Buddhist monk in training and the golden farm boy. As this book opens she continues in her confusion, which seems more gentle and playful than moping or obsessive, when Duksam catches her bathing, ostensibly looking to fix his “broken belt”.

I completely had a crush on Duksam! I liked him more than the monk and the glow-y farm boy. I enjoyed reading about their budding romance, even as Ehwa’s mom pines for her seemingly lost Painter Man. The snark on Ehwa’s account comes when she starts in on her mom about her taste in travelling men and she even compares the painter man’s looks to those of her own Duksam. She can be a real jerk in this volume, but she is feeling her way into her developing womanhood.
The hilarious and precocious Bongsoon plays a bigger part in this story, too, as closest gal pal after their other friend is married off to a 7 year old (it happened). Ehwa is reminded of how lucky she is that her mother cares for her so much and wishes her to choose marriage for love. This freedom is put to the test when Ehwa’s mom receives a visit and a tempting offer.

The way this book ends is frustrating, causing me to throw my hands to the skies and yell “Why, Duksam, why!?”, but I will quietly wait like Ehwa, softly confused, until The Color of Heaven reaches me (August).

The Color of Earth

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