Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please don't feed the animals

Oh how cute!

Men meeting at a designated place about..books.
The Boston Globe seems mystified by the idea.

"Traditionally, it's difficult to get men together unless it has something to do with poker or NASCAR or Hooters clubs," says Douglas Lord, who writes the "Books for Dudes" column for a newsletter published by the Library Journal. "But these book groups grow by word of mouth, guys pulling other guys in that they know. And then it develops into a sort of fellowship, where you're talking about all kinds of stuff, but you're really talking about life. You're relating to another person, and you're trying to grow your skills of empathy. You're trying to become a man."
That sounds heavy, but it also should be noted that, as with women, membership in a men's book group does not necessarily involve, you know, reading. "We've been meeting for six months, and we haven't read a book yet," says Andrew Upton, 45, of Somerville, describing his own book group. "We have such a good time talking about life, kids, work, politics, everything. And everyone is so busy. We may read a book at some point, but right now it's just a social club."

Sir, unless you're reading a book at some point, your not in a book club.
What you've got yourself into is a bowling team.
My condolences.

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