Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bella and Edward Recommend?

Wuthering Heights was one of my favourite books when I was a teen. Because of the drama and the ghosts and the immortal love, of course. Although I loved Jane Eyre more. There is something about Rochester that is less pathetic than the over-emotional, broody Heathcliff. And I loved Jane for her pluck, while Cathy could be a real jerk. This is what I thought at the time, really. I haven't read either book in years.
But Bella and Edward have. And apparently it is their favourite book! I can't remember if the characters mention in in Twilight or not. But I have here a new edition of WH with a seal of approval stating "Bella and Edward's Favourite Book", so who am I to argue? Actually, most of this is tounge-in-cheek because if I had read twilight as a teen and NOT read WH, I would have loved to read it after. It's still the same text. I would love to see all of the people who love Bella and Edward reading Wuthering Heights and swooning over the typhonic Heathcliff and possibly snarking about selfish Cathy.

I want to say that Cathy's husband's name is Linwood? I always felt badly for him and his complete ignorance of the great passion happening around him. Poor kid.

I mention my love for Jane Eyre and I have to admit that each time I read this book I stopped right after Jane and Rochester get together; I had no interest in his wife-abuse plot. At the time it seemed incongruent. I truly mean to re-read this book and read it right through, to see how I think of it now.

So, if Bella and Edward are introducing a new generation of gothic-drama, unreachable-men loving ladies to Wuthering Heights than I am all for it.

(Although the new cover line makes me laugh--Love Never Dies...--because I remember the ending to WH as not being that satisfying romantically. Something about Cathy maliciously haunting Heathcliff and driving him insane because they could never truly love each other?)



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