Wednesday, July 29, 2009

okay, but unless that spoken work artist is William Shatner...

Slate piles on regarding the whole vampire thing.

"No, bloodsucking is so yesterday. It's so 1994. It's so Anne Rice. Today's vampire is a good listener. He cares about our love lives and our problems, which is strange because we're supposed to be his food. Humans just assume that we are the center of the universe and so, faced with a literary creation that should, by all rights, just conk us over the head and suck us down like Slurpees, we've decided that we're too fascinating to be eaten. And so the modern vampire stalks, seduces, sleeps with, and cries over us. They don't eat us.

The author does the rundown of the Twilight series and the followers, including a series called the Vampire Huntress Legends " series featuring Damali Richards, a spoken-word artist who fights vampires, a detail which guarantees that I'm rooting for the vampires."

That'll only encourage them.


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