Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Genre writing for dummies

Philip Marchand with some heavy lifting from Robert J Sawyer, on SF morphing into fantasy.

"The creators of the movie Star Trek, however, demonstrated no such scrupulosity. “In every previous Star Trek film, the time travel that had been done had been done with some sort of machine or device that we could understand,” Sawyer points out. “In this one, they just threw out something called ‘red matter.’ It literally was a magic substance. It was pixie dust. There was no rationale or explanation given it. It was just magic they pulled out of the air — or, to phrase it less politely — out of the writer’s butt.”"

It's that kind of lazy storytelling that made for a good looking and forgettable movie; and it's why the paperbacks in too many fantasy series are too heavy to lift, never mind read.


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