Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's a revolution of taste

Lev Grossman writes in the Wall Street Journal that the novel has finally 'made its peace with plot."

"After all, the discipline of the conventional literary novel is a pretty harsh one. To read one is to enter into a kind of depressed economy, where pleasure must be bought with large quantities of work and patience. The Modernists felt little obligation to entertain their readers. That was just the price you paid for your Joycean epiphany. Conversely they have trained us, Pavlovianly, to associate a crisp, dynamic, exciting plot with supermarket fiction, and cheap thrills, and embarrassment. Plot was the coward's way out, for people who can't deal with the real world. If you're having too much fun, you're doing it wrong."

I wonder if he's caught this bus after it's made a few stops, but it is nice to see.
The writers he cites as striking a blow for masterful plotting have been around for awhile but hey, good news is good news.
As for me, I think the cool kids should just start hanging out here.
The James Deans

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