Sunday, September 06, 2009

event horizons

We've just confirmed Linwood Barclay and John McFetridge for November (venue to come)
and I couldn't be happier. Linwood is closing in on superstar status in crime fiction circles and although I haven't gotten to his new book quite yet. just finished Too Close to Home and the guy just plain puts on a clinic.
A prominent family is shot to death in upstate New York and the Cutter family is spooked as they live just down the road.
Small town secrets come to light, lingering doubts as to the state of the Cutter marriage and a bombshell sitting in an old computer belonging to a teenager who committed suicide years earlier drive a killer of a plot after the Cutter's teenaged son Derek is charged with the murders.
I've read several Linwood Barclay titles in the last few years and he seems to be able to do whatever he likes. The Zack Walker series is great fun and the straight ahead thrillers are so well made as to be almost as good as Donald Westlake; and that's not something I say lightly.

I'm just opening the third John McFetridge book but the first two Everybody Knows This is Nowhere and Dirty Sweet are really solid.
Toronto the Good has never looked so modern and the guy has a real ear for dialogue.
Corrupt cops, bikers, drugs, scams and violence oh my..I'll never get tired of his stuff.

Details for the Fall Author Series are here.

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