Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Kindle makes Ian Brown um...

I'm trying not to go for the obvious pun, but he's not a fan.

"But in every other way, reading on a Kindle is to reading a book as having sex while wearing (two) condoms is to having sex: It's still technically intercourse, but doesn't feel the same. A book feels like a thing that can be passed from hand to hand. Kindle feels convenient. Vague as that sounds, it's a profound difference."

If I ever had to use a Kindle I'd probably wear rubber gloves and the cond...ah, I'll pass on the whole thing.


tom s. said...

The thing that e-readers have - or will have soon, once the screen size is big enough - that "real" books don't is the ability to deliver books to people who need large print and who don't want to read historical fiction or romance. Unfortunately, I don't see how indie bookstores can address this gap as well - publishers just don't make large print versions available for so many books.

Words Worth Blogs! said...

Hi Tom,
You're correct, it's going to be tough to fight adjustable font size in a fixed paper format. But what needs to happen is for a non-proprietary e-format to be made accessible to indies, and once that gets done (?) the playing field is level. For now, good optical health

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