Thursday, December 31, 2009

Morning of the long knives

With McNally-Robinson struggling and the future of the humble book in question, Ron Charles offers some fine prognostication.

I'd like to offer up another trend. It's going to be incredibly hard for a teenager to get into the work force in a few years if print media jobs, newspapers, video stores, God knows what else- dries up and everything moves online.
At least Mr. Salutin, after cheer leading the march of books to digital format, offers up that the "stupid nature of capitalism" will make for a bumpy road.

It's a tiresome argument, and one that small business doesn't often win. Reading comment pages around the McNally Robinson stories, it comes up often that "I'd like to support local small business, etc. buy hey Amazon is cheaper, and money is tight."
True enough, but if the twin trends of game changing media delivery and accelerated corporate takeover of a given market continue, the local tax base is going to make the stupid nature of capitalism into a hell of a fifth act.

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