Friday, January 15, 2010

*Bread and Jam for Frances* by Russell Hoban

I adore the Frances books. Created by Russell Hoban and his wife Lillian in the 1960s, Frances has timeless appeal. In Bread and Jam for Frances, Frances the badger is a picky eater who eats bread with jam for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and anything in between) to the exclusion of all other things. Her clever parents oblige her until she becomes very sick of the same old, same old bread and jam and decides to branch out to spaghetti and meatballs. But the best darn thing about this book are the little tunes that Frances sings at meal-time, just out of adult earshot. Here is my favourite:

Poached eggs on toast, why do you shiver
With such a funny little quiver?

Or this one:

What do cutlets wear before they’re breaded?
Flannel nightgowns? Cowboy boots?
Furry jackets? Sailor suits?

Bread and Jam for Frances is a great book for 5-9 year olds, especially those with a discerning palate. Love it.


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