Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't bring me dooooooowwwwnnnnn... *Guest Post* by Natale Ghent!

Turning Pages Literary Festival is pleased that Natale Ghent is presenting her book, Gravity Brings Me Down, as part of the day long celebration of books for children and teens on May 15th. Natale will be presenting at 4:30pm at The Musem (10 King St. W. Kitchener).

Gravity Brings Me Down is a smart and thoughtful story about self-discovery, acceptance, and finding friendship—all in the places you’d least expect.

Sioux Smith is sharp, funny, and wry, and is pretty certain that she sees the world of high school differently from everyone else—a belief that is cemented when makes an uneasy discovery about one of her school’s “popular” teachers. And while she feels alone at her high school and in her unique slant on small-town life, Sioux finds a kindred spirit in the most unlikely of people: with an elderly stranger, a woman with Alzheimer’s who has more insight despite her progressing dementia than anyone else in her life. What Sioux and “Miss Marple” discover about each other over tea, illicitly secreted wine, and Coronation Street, makes for a YA novel with heart and grit in equal measure.

Natale Ghent is an award-winning author of six books. Her acclaimed novel No Small Thing won the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award, was named a Silver Birch Honour Book and was nominated for the CLA Book of the Year for Children Award. It was also chosen as a Junior Library Guild Selection in the US and a Border’s Original Voices selection. Visit the author online.

...yeah yeah's not the big things that

deflate your's the accumulated effect of little things - like Bukowski's shoelace, the one that snaps with no time left...

...but I've been watching Twin Peaks again and I got some good advice from Agent Cooper: give yourself a little gift every day: you don't have to plan it, you may not even know what it will be or where it will come from, but give yourself something nice every day - an unexpected cup of coffee, or maybe some pink calla lilies - you get the idea...

...but I find the best thing to do when gravity brings me down is to dance, dance, come on, everybody, shake your money maker!

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