Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love My New Journal! Or, Get Out of Here Moleskine!

I'm always looking for a really great journal, so was psyched when a publishing representative recently introduced me to the Ecosystems line. I have been a tried and true Moleskine journal owner for years, but now things have changed.

My hardcover "author" journal is beautiful; just came in yesterday. It's chunkier than a Moleskine, but the pages are brighter, tear-away, and there's a neat feature I didn't know about. Every Ecosystem journal has a code inside where you can log-on to their website, enter the code, and see a breakdown of the recycled materials used for that particular book. It tells you where everything was made, from the boards and ink to the ribbon bookmark and elastic band holdy thing.

In truth, when I first saw an Ecosystem journal; he was a little green number; I thought "Oh, a Moleskine knock-off, how charming" and now I think that Ecosystem has taken a basic, necessary design and perfected it.

Ecosystems come in different colours--lagoon, watermelon, clementine, kiwi, onyx--different sizes--large and small, possibly also extra large (I'll have a look-see)--and page formats--do you need lines or a blank slate?

And we now have a selection of different styles and colours in the store, so come down and have a browse. Or check out their website; I'll order whatever book you connect with. You won't look back.


With a mandate to protect the environment, ecosystem journals, planners, and notebooks were developed with only 100% post-consumer recycled paper. In fact, by using this paper in 2009, ecosystem will have saved* 3,046 full-grown trees, 1,299,751 gallons of water and 283,974 pounds of greenhouse gases. Every component that makes up an ecosystem book has been researched to ensure the most environmentally friendly materials or production methods are being used. And because the product is completely made in the US, its ecological footprint is minimized (shipping between shorter distances) and paper suppliers confirm all paper used is 100% post-consumer recycled fiber.


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