Thursday, April 15, 2010

Children's Poet Arnot McCallum

Turning Pages Literary Festival is pleased that children's poet, Arnot McCallum is presenting his collection of poetry, Eanie Meanie Hate Zucchini, as part of the day long celebration of books for children and teens on May 15th. Arnot will be presenting at 11am at The Musem (10 King St. W. Kitchener).

Arnot McCallum is a an author of numerous childrens books and poems. He was a teacher in Windsor for 35 years. Arnot now judges story writing contests for CBC Radio, offers writing workshops for children and enjoys meeting readers of his books.

Arnot's newest book, Eanie Meanie Hate Zucchini, is an illustrated book of whimsical poems for children filled with true-to-life experiences in the world of a child. The poems appeal to the fantasy and imagination of the readers. The rhythmic flow of the poetic language encourages the children to read, memorize and chant the poems many times over. This book is ideal for that special moment in the evening when a bedtime poem is just the right soother to close the day. Or when a case of the giggles set in and you want to hear more laughter.

Here are some of our favorite poems:

My Snowman's Nose
Sing a song of snowmen.
A happy winter ballad.
My sister stole my snowman's nose,
And now it's in her salad!

It's My Room
Mom says my room's a pigsty.
There's litter everywhere.
Lots of junk and rotting fruit,
And dirty underwear.
It may be sort of rustic.
And have a sticky floor.
But that's the way I like it.
So Mom, just close the door!

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