Thursday, April 08, 2010

Nuthin' like some good advice...

The Believer Magazine, a delightfully glib off-shoot of the venerable McSweeney's has just put out a new collection of "advice" from a who's who in contemporary comedy. Since this is the brain child of Eric Spritznagel, the co-creator of the hilarious Believer column Sedaratives (with Amy Sedaris) it's no surprise that the coolest of the coolest comics are represented within it's pages.

Now, I know I've used the expressions "who's who" and "coolest of the coolest" here, but I am not committing any hyperbolic overstatement here- literally every comedian who has made me laugh in the last 5 years is a contributor... including but not limited to the entire casts of my 3 all time favorite sketch comedy shows (which happen to be: Mr. Show, Stella and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job on the off chance someone feels like surprising me with a DVD gift basket). Cast members from Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, The Sarah Silverman Program, and The Flight of the Conchords are also represented.

The book is pretty simply laid out, The Believer I sent a selection of real and fake advice letters to over 40 comedians, and printed the best of their responses. It's a pretty fun distraction, and would be a great gift to cheer up a comedy loving buddy on a yucky rainy day such as today. I will leave you with an excerpt from the section by Zach Galifianakis (of The Hangover and Between Two Ferns fame)...

Dear Zach: I have a job that leaves me passionless and empty. It stimulates neither mind nor soul. How can I successfully draw on my creative juices to do something meaningful? Best, Charles.

Dear Charles:

Are you an account at at a cardboard box factory? Boredom is a killer. there are so many things you can do to kick-start a satisfying life. I will give you a few suggestions to get the juices flowing:
1) Start reading Teen People
2) Rent a stretch Hummer and go see Noam Chomsky speak.
3) Model your life after the movie Sideways, but instead of wine make your passion Mountain Dew.
4) Ask a state trooper where the closest gay bar is.
5) Have a Super Bowl party with no television.



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