Thursday, May 13, 2010

Countdown to Turn the Page!

Turning Pages is almost here! We are busily getting ready for our first children's literary festival this coming Saturday May 13th at The Museum. Patricia Storms is one of the authors visiting in the afternoon.

So Why a Pirate and a Penguin?
Since my picture book ŒThe Pirate and the Penguin¹ has come out, I¹ve often been asked the question, ³Where did you get the idea to write a story about a pirate and a penguin?" It's a good question. I mean, really a pirate and a penguin together in a book? It seems like such an odd mix, and yet, I think that as soon as you see those two characters on the page, it seems like they've always been together.

And the answer to where I got the pirate and penguin idea? It was a complete fluke. I was sitting in a café with a writer friend of mine, kvetching about how hard it was to get published, and flippantly said to my friend, "If someone wanted to create a cool picture book, they should combine a story with two popular kid lit icons a pirate and a penguin." My friend loved the idea, and encouraged (and nagged) me to write and illustrate such a story. And so I did.
Moral of this story the best ideas are often not planned, and always listen to your friends!

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