Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Publishers are scrambling, booksellers are cheering

Fer Gawd sake, Random House has had a Steig Larsson in their midst for years with Jo Nesbo.
Why are they just finding out about this now?

"Scandinavian writers who have had small but devoted followings are now seeing their books showcased alongside Mr. Larsson’s extraordinarily popular series. The intense interest in the Larsson books prompted the staff at Powell’s Books in Portland, Ore., to create a special section in the store for two dozen Scandinavian mysteries, by Karin Fossum, Jo Nesbo, Kjell Eriksson and Yrsa Sigurdardottir."

Mmmmm.. I do love Jo Nesbo, and it's very gratifying that Arnaldur Indridason is now being "marketed directly to fans of Mr. Larsson."
We've been doing that for a couple years now, yo.

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