Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where's my wallet?

I've always said that if I wasn't here I'd love to be working at Politics and Prose, the iconic bookstore in Washington D.C., where it's part of the routine to have President's and nationally known muckety mucks drop by.
Turns out Politics and Prose is for sale.

"Authors, book industry insiders and longtime customers reacted with concern to news of the sale. One tweet read: "Oh no. Dismay." Novelist and journalist Jim Lehrer, who has often promoted his books at the store, said that "putting Politics and Prose up for sale is like putting the Washington Monument up for sale."

Sounds like a spot that's ripe for a bailout.

With any luck, they'll find someone who will keep the shop in good stead.
Maybe someone who can find a way to make a buck off of


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Chanda @ Disordered Cosmos said...

The Harvard Bookstore survived its sale just recently and seems to still be thriving and not changing that much. It was just a matter of the owner really wanting to retire. So, here's to hoping that the same happens here.

The HBS owners were fairly selective in their sales process, I think.

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