Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Devil assumes a pleasing shape

In a picturesque Long Island town evil comes in the form of a small bookstore.

"Several storeowners nearby have ordered their staffs not to shop there. Indignant older women have marched inside the bookstore to yell at employees. And someone, or perhaps several someones, may have sneakily placed used chewing gum between the pages of new books.

The animosity seems to have stemmed from the fact that Books & Books moved in when there was already an independent bookstore, the Open Book, around the corner. And as some people saw it, there was no room for another one."

It might be nice for an independents shop to be perceived as evil once in awhile. It beats playing the victim.


1 comment:

Bob Jonkman said...

That's so contrary.

One of the best things to happen to Wordsworth was the opening of A Mysterious Affair, the mystery bookstore less than a block away. Now there were two magnets to attract bibliophiles to the area.

Sadly, A Mysterious Affair closed over a year ago. I wonder if Wordsworth saw any decrease in traffic as a result?


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