Friday, September 10, 2010


In yet another Franzen piece in the NYT, Salon critic Laura Miller lends a bit of needed perspective.

"Emerging from a conversation with Lorin Stein, the new editor of The Paris Review, Jonathan Galassi, the president of Farrar Straus Giroux, publisher of “Freedom,” rejected Ms. Weiner’s word, as defined. In German, he pointed out, “freude” means “joy.” “This,” he said extending his arm to indicate the revelers —“is Franzenfreude” — Joy in Franzen. When he first read the manuscript, Mr. Galassi recalled: “I wrote him and said, it’s clear you’re the great novelist of our generation. That’s what’s happening here.” Another guest, the book critic Laura Miller, who is moderating a reading club for “Freedom” on, agreed. “To say the book is hyped is just ridiculous. He’s not Lady Gaga. We picked a book we knew a lot of people would be wanting to read.”

And this is why Laura Miller is the greatest American ever.


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