Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tiger Mothers

I was immediately intrigued by the title and the premise of Amy Chua's book. I was also eager to read the book considering all of the controversy around her parenting style. I finished the book in a day. I found it to be hilarious (if you can catch her dead-pan humour) and inspiring. Raising four kids with a husband from a different culture, I could relate to much of the book and to many of her complaints about the "lax" parenting style in North America. I think that we have become to sensitive about children's self esteem without giving them opportunities to build said self esteem. Amy Chua is right - in many ways, we underestimate our kids, which leads to dumbing them down (my words, not hers). This is a valuable book to read and consider as a parent, teacher or grandparent. Highly recommended by Bronwyn

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Susan Fish said...

Good review. I also liked what Colbert suggested doing with the book: holding it over a child's head and saying, "I'm not going to have to go Tiger Mom on you, am I?"

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