Thursday, March 17, 2011

You're Finally Here!

Melanie Watt's books for children are pretty funny. Her newest features a hyperactive, enthusiastic bunny with a control problem! This zanny picture book will resonate with anyone who's ever been kept waiting (as in anyone who is friends with me and my family!). This is no ordinary picture-book character, and it will quickly become clear that this is no ordinary picture book - because you the reader are LATE! At first, this little bunny is deliriously excited by your arrival, but now that you're finally here, he wants to know: where were you? He's been waiting long enough to learn an accordion solo, among other time-consuming pursuits. After he's shown you how it feels to be kept waiting and just when he's finally satisfied that you're a good steady page-turner who's here to stay, something happens to turn the tables. The result is an off-beat ending worth waiting for!

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