Monday, April 18, 2011

We Love Cooking...

especially when there is alcohol involved! Meet Carla Johnson, author of Cooking With Sin, on April 30th. She will be sharing samples of some of her favourite recipes from the cookbook.

“Cooking with sin, are we?” Carla Johnson's Mennonite grandmother scolded when she caught Johnson's mother “red-wine handed” pouring red wine into her pan of chicken cacciatore. That moment locked into Johnson's memory and led her to start a blog where she shared her story-recipe. Several others joined in. People from all walks of life, from professional chefs to grandmothers, share personal stories and the recipes woven through them. Each recipe has alcohol in it and was tested & beautifully photographed.

• “Stuck on Reduction” Madeira Caramel and Watermelon Salad

• “Suitcase and a Dream” Dark Stout Chocolate Cake

• “Working Past Midnight” French Toast

• “Nightmare Kitchen” Chicken and Sun-dried Tomatoes

• Milk and Cookies for the “Real” Santa

“Cooking With Sin” allows people to come together over dinner, even if they are many miles away or many years apart. The stories are wonderful, the recipes are delicious and the *sin* factor sure makes it a lot of fun.

Carla Johnson is an experienced author, long-time educator, an energetic public speaker and an avid blogger. This is her second book and she is already collecting recipes for her next edition of “Cooking With Sin.” Looking to create a book that stood out above the crowd, Carla made sure each recipe was carefully tested and extensively photographed.

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