Monday, June 27, 2011

Some of my new favourites for kids...

Catch That Baby by Nancy Coffelt and illustrated by Scott Nash
This little book is a riot! I love the comic-book-like pictures and the simple text. Anyone who has spent time with a toddler can related to this story. It's time to get dressed but Rudy is gone in a flash. A chase around the house ensues, with mom and the rest of the family in hot pursuit after "Nuddy Rudy!" Finally no one can find Rudy, will he ever get dressed properly? Seriously giggle-worthy!

The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt
What a delightful discovery this book is. The front cover looks like bright flower petals on a black background, however looks are deceiving. Each page reveals a different colour and a beautiful, intricate paper cutout that creates the beautiful petals and designs as you read the book. This is a wonderful tool to talk about different emotions with children. How does yellow feel? Is blue peaceful? The book culminates with a bright, fold-out rainbow that lets all its colours show. I felt so joyful discovering each page and the beautiful designs it contained. - Bronwyn

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