Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mennonite Girls SURE can Cook!

There has been so much buzz around the bookstore since this cookbook came out. I have hardly had a chance to peek at the book, it's been selling so quickly!

However, I finally have taken a copy for myself and I am really impressed. My maternal grandfather was a Russian Mennonite and looking through the beautiful pictures and lovely reflections on Mennonite spirituality, I keep thinking about him.

And the recipes! Oh boy, these recipes, I can practically smell German apple pancakes, borscht, spaetzle, cinamon buns and so much more. I am excited to try out several of these recipes and bring in my favourites on August 13th when Lovella Schellenberg and Anneliese Friesen are in the store. Lovella is the creator of both the blog and the cookbook. Anneliese is one of the contributors. Come and get your copy signed, taste some of the delicious recipes and learn more about this wonderful project. - Bronwyn

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