Monday, October 03, 2011

Best Crime Writers Around...

Words Worth Books is delighted to welcome to Waterloo two veteran Canadian crime writers who after nurturing classic mystery series for years, have turned to standalone work, each with truly fine results. Peter Robinson and Maureen Jennings have put aside their beloved signature characters for the moment (Alan Banks and William Murdoch, respectively) and have penned a couple of great books.

Maureen Jennings' Season of Darkness opens with the murder of a British land girl in 1940. It was the job of land girls to arrange to cultivate every possible part of England during the war. Elsie Bates has been left for dead on a country road, shot by a German Luger.
Britain is recovering from the defeat at Dunkirk and dark days are upon her. The small town deputy inspector Tom Tyler has a serious crime on his hands and his job is com
plicated by a scared populace, a German internment camp nearby and the arrival of an old lover from the Continent.

Peter Robinson has put together a beauty of a novel.
This tale of obsession also has roots in World War Two. Before the Poison tells of Hollywood film score veteran Chris Lo
we, who returns to his native England after the death of his beloved wife. He wants only to grieve privately and work on music he considers more worthy. He buys a isolated house outside Yorkshire and becomes interested in a former inhabitant of the house who decades earlier, was put to death for the murder of her husband. Chris becomes interested in Grace Fox's story and the more he finds out, the more convinced he becomes that she was innocent of the murder. Threads of his own life abound and Robinson weaves everything together seamlessly.

Along with bestseller Linwoood Barclay, we promise an evening of unparalleled talent at the shop on Tuesday, October 18.

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