Saturday, November 18, 2006

how about a nice fake murder instead?

Chapters-Indigo is preparing for an invasion of OJ mania and the book is number 28, no, 21, wait 14 on Amazon as of this morning.
Book product rollouts have their violence prepackaged, but the gamer industry can make it own fun before the fact, too.
As Christmas and commerce engage to highlight our better natures, perhaps a trifling distraction is in order.
I'm only about halfway through, but I'm really into Laird Hunt's third novel.
Henry is a near vagrant in post 9/11 New York City who is plucked from a mental hospital by a mysterious philanthropist of sorts, the seemingly refined and wealthy Mr. Aris Kindt.
Kindt and a cast of odd and menacing characters earn a fair living it seems, from performing staged murders throughout the city.
Hunt is so far employing a misdirection technique that I'm fine to buy into, but the real treat is the noirish and hallucinatory phantasm that is Laird Hunt's New York.
His third novel is a delicious little work from non-profit Coffee House Press. There's never a wrong time to celebrate the good stuff out of the small presses, but especially now, it seems appropriate.
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Matthew Tiffany said...

I agree - it's an excellent book. His "Indiana, Indiana" is worth a look, also.

There's a little bit of background info on "The Hat" at my site, if you are interested -

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