Friday, November 17, 2006

out of many, one

The shock at Regan Books doing the OJ book is lessened a bit by putting on protective gear, having a drink at the ready and taking a peek at the publishers site.
Frontlist and back are filled with political screeds entirely concerned with score settling, titles to titillate the dull and biographies from people in the second third of their fifteen minutes.
Of course any major publisher has exceptions and Jess Walter's novel Zero, is one of them. I wanted to get there and still will, but he's surely thankful at not having won the National Book Award earlier this week, as it meant the absence of the years most awkward acceptance speech.
The world would go merrily on without much of the rest of Regan Books, but any prospective author who wants to do good work and finds themselves with an offer from this company is going to be associated with OJ.
Perhaps Harper Collins can send that damn dog over to bite him somewhere special.
It's with this in mind that the great Bella Stander announces the First Annual Skank Awards.

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Bella Stander said...

I am honored that anyone would refer to me as "the great" Bella Stander. Thanks greatly!

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