Thursday, November 16, 2006

me too

This pretty much says it all on the OJ affair, from a booksellers point of view.
"Normally, I'd decry any form of censorship, but I fear this is just a book too far, and a terrible indictment of the greed and cynicism of the present breed of conglomerate publishers. While new laws are currently being gerrymandered to prevent criminals from profiting from their literary endeavours, and it is likely that the $3.5m Simpson is rumoured to be receiving for the book will help cover the damages he was ordered to pay by the civil court to the families of the deceased, I would nonetheless urge all American booksellers to boycott this disgraceful book, and maybe even future books emanating from this particular imprint."
I really do view the little bookstore that I work in as largely a bulwark against the overabundance of sludge out there.
Having said that, did I mention that this is out? Without overstating it, I'm pretty aware of my shortcomings, but everything I like about myself is amplified when I read Joan Didion.

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