Thursday, December 28, 2006

and on the 26th day we rested

because on the 27th and through much of January, the shop is shedding books at discount.
Publishers are traditionally scared blind this time of year at the prospect of many unhappy returns as it were, so lets all co-operate and move this stuff outa here.
This is my favourite time of year because the new releases (and news of new releases) will arrive shortly.
I'm in the middle of this and so far the hype (and the National Book Award win) is deserved. I'd have read it sooner, but for the last couple weeks I've come home and collapsed.
There's going to be some damn fine crime stuff shortly and because somebody up there likes me, I've already got this.
If none of this means anything, well chew on this.
And uh, you know, rinse.
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