Thursday, December 28, 2006

shiny toys for dull boys

Booksellers hear a lot of variations on the "I don't have time to read" lament from all walks of life, but I've been under the assumption that was a myth. In fact, I was wrong.
"In Montreal, more than 200 people lined up outside a Future Shop outlet in a downtown shopping centre. Some arrived as early as 6 a.m., even though the store only opened its doors at 1 p.m. A nearby movie theatre even tried taking advantage of the long wait by selling water bottles at $4 a pop to restless bargain hunters.
Jason Lops, 24, who arrived at 6 a.m., wasn't surprised by the lineup, but he said the appeal of saving $100 on an X-Box 360 was simply too strong."
"It's the first time I'm here," he said. "It's just because I wanted an X-Box for cheaper, really, and I'm going to get one."
For cheaper.
I wouldn't stand in line for seven hours for it, but this is kind of cool.
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