Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hey, this guy gets it

George Walker, U.K children's author and raconteur, has demanded that Amazon UK remove his book, Tales From an Airfield from their site.
"What they are actually doing is getting the independents to do their market research," said Mr Walker, a passionate advocate of independents. "When a book gets a certain amount of attention, they will attempt to stock it and cut the independents out. Not with my book!"
Deep discounting dries up the pool for everyone in the chain, it certainly doesn't help Amazon's $1.5 billion long term debt.
The Forum of Private Business (FPB) "actively campaigned against, especially in their exploitation of an off-shore VAT loophole which costs the UK economy an estimated £80 million a year. The loophole, which allows single items that are priced below £18 to be imported from the channel islands without VAT, is being used by Amazon and other large retailers to undercut independent retailers."
Seems like a fairly easy loophole to close.

Posted by Dave

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