Sunday, January 28, 2007

whatever it takes

Turns out it wasn't the O.J debacle that cooked Regan's goose, but a hatchet job on another sports "hero" that did her in.
From the NY Daily News:
"But the last to know was Regan herself.
"Everyone was shepherded into the conference room, where a long-suffering ReganBooks deputy made the announcement: Judith has been fired," the mag recounts.
Workers were told Regan had already been escorted from the building, but they later found her eating a sandwich at her desk, ignorant of her firing.
"So I'm eating a sandwich," the magazine reports her telling workers. "Why are you staring at me?""
Warren Zevon would approve.
I don't know why a look at the seamy side of Mickey Mantle is needed as long as this is still around. Ball Four is in my all time top five, certainly the best sports book I've ever read.

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