Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lam and a cast of sheep

The industry's tracking mechanism Booknet revealed yesterday that Vincent Lam took on all comers over the holiday season. Also noted, very few surprises.

Now onto new business. I often despair at how many really good short story collections that don't get nearly enough review attention at the expense of mediocre novels.

That's why I felt pretty good (well better than okay) about the small press representation at Giller time this year.

Perhaps this will help.

Neil Smith's Bang Crunch has all the tools. He's similar to writers like George Saunders and Amy Hempel, but his work is original and with great turn of phrase and a wicked range. There are absurdist elements here, but a real grounded sensibility as well.

This is a first collection from a Canadian that deserves a Lam-like audience.

It's certainly a superior book. I'll post a proper review by the weekend.

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