Monday, February 05, 2007

see and raise

Perhaps it surprises no one that food bloggers are a surly bunch, or just manically devoted to their calling.
Alternately, there could be something to this after all.
At any rate, the genteel (natch!) world of food/restaurant review is now coping with
"a new food game in the city that never stops grazing. A proliferation of blogs treating every menu revision, construction permit, clash of egos and suspiciously easy-to-get reservation as high drama is changing the rules of the restaurant world and forcing everyone from owners to chefs to publicists to get used to the added scrutiny."
For a bit of local colour go see Jasmine. She keeps her knives sharp, but out of most peoples backs. Besides, anyone who likes Chris Brookmyre and skewers Celine Dion must know what they're talking about.

Posted by Dave


Jasmine said...

Hey Dave

I didn't know you guys had your own blog. Glad to read it--will be back. Thanks for mentioning Cardamom Addict.


how to furnish a room said...

Thanks Jasmine, glad to do it.
Actually WLU press mentioned Cardamom Addict to us when you posted around Food That Really Schmecks. It just took me awhile to mention it.
Thanks again.

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