Saturday, March 03, 2007

A poop joke guy..on Fox?

Former Daily Show alum Rob Corddry seems surprised the Jon Stewart's audience can come off as politically partisan. I suspect he's the only one.
"Oh, God. It's all college kids and NPR listeners. They smuggle in The New York Times in their tote bags. The Daily Show audience used to drive me fucking crazy, because they would just applaud at every reference to some right-wing guest being taken down. Or anything slightly to the left of center. They would stand in their chairs, and it would just drive me crazy."
I guess it's the New York Times reading, NPR listening crowd that buys all those books the Daily Show yammers on about.
Corddry won't have to worry about seeing the New York Times or a book for the rest of his life over at Fox.
I hope he didn't burn any bridges.

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